On Site Audits of Welding Practice

Below is a summary of our site audit service.

  • We Visit the site and ascertain the scope of the works.
  • We inspect the welding equipment
  • We check the operating parameters of the equipment to ensure compliance.
  • We assess the competence and qualifications of the operators.
  • We check that the welding procedures are in accordance with WIS 4-32-08.
  • We issue a report of our findings detailing any non-conforming practices that come
    to our attention which need to be addressed.

Depending on our findings the Site Audit may take more than one day to complete.

When a company’s welding processes are performing at their best, costs are under control and operations are more efficient with no costly leaks. Tensile Testing Services can help your organisation achieve maximum results with their on-site welding best practice audit.

On Site Audits of Welding Practice
On Site Audits of Welding Practice

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